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Laser Physicist - Ultrafast

A Laser Development Engineer is sought by a leading innovator in Optical & Laser technology to develop next generation products as it undergoes significant investment into its on-going growth.

Working on integrating Fibre Optics technology with Free-Space optics you will be developing various novel Ultrafast Lasers as you undertake Prototype Development, Characterisation, Beam Diagnostics, Assembly, Test and Trouble-shooting of Fibre based Lasers in an intellectually stimulating environment.

This will range from combining Bulk Optics with Optical Fibres and undertaking precision multi-element Alignment between these stages, through to designing for issues such as short Pulse Compression, Optical Modulation, Frequency Doubling, Opto-Mechanical aspects around Mirror Mounts and Adhesion selection, plus Beam Diagnostics as you utilise your experience with a range of characterisation equipment from Spectrum Analysers to Beam Profilers to test for M2, Divergence and much else, to create reliable Lasers.

You should be able to demonstrate an ability to develop both Free Space Laser Optics and Fibre Lasers coupled with experience in Fibre Handling methods such as Tapering, Cleaving and Splicing, plus experience with Fused Components such as Combiners, Couplers and Adaptors.

PhD+ in Laser Physics/Optical Engineering with 3 years+ experience in a range of Laser technology inclusive of Fibre Lasers, but not limited to, as you apply your in-depth Laser knowledge towards the novel technology being developed.

This is an exciting role where you will have an opportunity to push your technology to new boundaries with the support of an organisation investing in the future of Laser technology.

Advantageous would be exposure to Supercontinuum Lasers.


Laser Development Engineer, Optical technology, Fibre Optics, Free-Space optics, Ultrafast Lasers, Prototype, Beam Diagnostics, Bulk Optics, Optical Fibres Alignment, Pulse Compression, Optical Modulation, Frequency Doubling, Opto-Mechanical, Mirror, Adhesion, Spectrum Analysers, Beam Profilers, M2, Divergence, Reliability, Free Space Laser Optics, Fibre Lasers, Fibre Handling, Tapering, Cleaving, Splicing, Fused Components, Combiners, Couplers, Adaptors, PhD, Physics, Optical Engineering, Supercontinuum.

REF: RR/84611

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