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CYP Group Facilitator - Children and Young People

Hertfordshire Mind Network (HMN) has been awarded Hertfordshire's CAMHS Early Help Digital Intervention Service.

The CYP Group Facilitator will be responsible for implementing and delivering the group support aspect of an innovative partnership between BfB Labs and HMN.

Together, we will provide a countywide early help digital intervention service that is accessible to children and young people aged 5-18, at the earliest point of an emerging emotional wellbeing and/or mental health need.

Our trauma-informed model offers a range of support options for CYP, based around digital interventions and supported by one-to-one and group sessions, so children and young people can engage in the way that works best for them.

The service will build resilience in CYP by working with them to develop coping strategies and solutions that will enable them to improve their own health and wellbeing.

We will also provide advice and guidance to parents/families/carers and professionals to provide a holistic response to supporting CYP and creating a network around them to empower and enable positive change.

As a CYP Group Facilitator, you will provide online group interventions to deliver this new and exciting, high quality service in accordance with contractual requirements, and ensure that we are supporting the needs and aspirations of Hertfordshire families.

Service Objectives

The objectives of the CAMHS Early Help Digital Intervention Service are to:

Promote resilience and strategies that encourage coping and self-management for CYP, enabling a reduction in referrals to more specialist provision.

Increase the number of CYP who access evidence-based mental health interventions.

Ensure more CYP in Hertfordshire have improved awareness and knowledge about emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Develop an early intervention pathway for children and young people to enable individuals to get timely, responsive support aligned to their needs.

Reduce waiting t

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